Tuesday, October 20, 2015

African Head Wrap: Easy D.I.Y. Head Wrap!

I'm a huge fan of fabrics; when it comes to color, pattern, and texture I can't get enough!   The problem is I don't like to sew.  Thankfully, I loves a good head wrap though!  They're among my favorite protective style options.

I get my head wraps from everywhere, but the most fun place is from my closet.  I'm a creative and an upcycler by nature, so it's only NATURAL (see what I did there?) that I repurpose articles of clothing into something I can rock in a different way!  

You can do it too!  You only need 2 items for this project:

- Fabric Shears
- A Skirt (broomstick, peasant, or gypsy skirts work great)

TIP:  Silky fabrics are quite slippery and difficult to keep in place.  The best fabrics for my wraps are cotton, or rayon blend.

This visual says it all, but click on this super bright picture to watch the demo too.  :) 

1.) Lay skirt on a flat surface.

2.) Cut off the waist band.

3.) Cut all the way along a side or back seam. 

4.) Voila!  You have yourself a beautiful piece of fabric; perfect for a head wrap!

If you follow me on Youtube, you've probably seen my Everything Headwraps playlist, and have some ideas on how to wrap.  If not, click on the link and take a gander.

Have fun!!!   : )

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