Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Jumpstart Your GOOD Natural Hair Journey with Ease!

Transitioning to natural?  Just big chopped and new to natural hair?  Or, have you been natural for years, and at your wits end with your natural hair?  

I've been all three and through the trenches!  So, I present to you, Natural Hair Made Simple , your PRACTICAL go-to guide to help jumpstart your natural hair journey!  Let's talk porosity, moisture, definition...Girl, you're welcome!!

My natural hair squad loves simplicity, practicality, & versatility.  If you been on the team for a while, you know that’s how we roll, because she has things to do. 

  • Concerned that your hair looks and feels dry even after applying moisturizers.
  • Confused about why your hair has been stuck at the same length for the last few years.
  • Frustrated and at your wits end about your dusty looking fragile hair.
  • Upset that your wash & go's are a flop after using products that claim to clump and define.

I wrote Natural Hair Made Simple as a PRACTICAL, easy to follow guide to help those who are transitioning, new to natural, and for people who have been natural for a few years, but are flat out frustrated with their hair!

  • Learn about hair porosity and best practices on how to moisturize it for optimal results.
  • Discover what it actually takes to achieve a defined wash & go.
  • Get the basics you need to begin growing your hair and its retaining length.
  • And more!

Get your copy of Natural Hair Made Simple HERE


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