Friday, November 5, 2021

EASY Boho Locs Installation - TWO Cornrows

After all the crying I did, and SWEARING I'd never do another install of a faux braid, twist...ANYTHING, I turned around and did it anyway.  In my defense, a few years had gone by since I told that lie. LOL

I saw an ad for Boho Locs quite some time ago, and was inspired by the effortless beauty of the models, and how natural their locs looked.  I found myself  dreaming about how I wanted to look like that.  Then, when I discovered that Boho Locs is a black owned hair brand, I got light weight obsessed with my approach to the installation, because I was fo' sho' gonna place an order. 

My cornrowing and parting and patience with all that is...CHILE!  So, true to form, I modified the braid pattern (IF you want to call it that), and adjusted a few other things to accommodate this "lazy natural".  Honey, you already know I'm about that ease and flow.

I recorded my process so that you can see how I installed the Boho Mermaid Locs in the color Brauburn in my own easy breezy get it done way.   Check it out:

I actually kept my Boho Locs in for 4 weeks.  In the video below, I'm sharing my final thoughts on this product; here, you'll see how they held up after about 2 weeks:

Thanks for watching and reading!

Mo' hair. 


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