Sunday, March 6, 2016

4 Satin & Silk Ideas to Use that Will Help Retain the Length of Your Hair at Bedtime

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  I Pray the Lord My Hair to Keep.

Cotton is my all time favorite fabric.  I mean it reigns supreme, and is the the most luxurious, and is simply the END dawling!  The idea of having a 100% cotton ball gown gives me life without parole. ain't good for your hair.  For anyone trying to cultivate and retain the length of their hair, cotton is the enemy, because it's drying, and can cause breakage.  

For moisture, length, and style retention, silks and satins are where it's at!  I interchange bedtime options based on the style I'm wearing.  I wear several "looks"(I won't say headrags this time), but here, I've included just a few of the more glamorous options....  The ones that are less likely to make your man's/woman's eyes burn when you wear them.  

Product links left to right:

- Satin scarves are great for twists, braids, tightly styled fros, and locs.

- Morning Glamor satin pillowcases come in a set of two for those who like to match everything.

Dome Cap is what I use when keeping my loose twists wrapped & stretched, or when I'm wearing plaits for CovaGirls™

- Leopard print pillowcase.  I picked up one of these for myself (because the hubs isn't into leopard).  LOL

My husband stays "entertained" by my night time routine, because it's ever changing.  Hey, a sista has to make that "It-took-me-2 hours-to-do" hairstyle last!

Don't get me wrong, I've thrown caution to the wind, a few times.  Had the nerve to sleep with my hair out, AND on a cotton pillow case.  Dry, crispy ends and edges was the toll I paid upon waking. The friction of the cotton against my tresses, resulted in lifted cuticles, so the smooth appearance, moisture and shine, got an attitude, packed their bags and scrammed!

If cotton is damaging to hair like this, I could only imagine what it does to skin -- they say it causes wrinkles.  O.o

Thanks for reading & Mo' Hair!



  1. I don't ever tie my hair up, but now you got me thinking I should....

  2. Giiiiirrl. When I felt the difference I was like oh heck naw! I hadn't noticed it before I started using the satin cases. There are times like at the end of hairstyle (like now) where I'll let my hair be free, so I'll lay on the satin pillow case. If my hair is tied up, I might use the cotton case. Thanks for stopping through!

  3. I also endorse the Satin Cap for protection! I moisturize every evening and cover with a cap. Got the satin pillow case too! Cotton does absorb the moisture from your hair so one winter, it's also good to wear a satin cap under winter hats. I know a black owned business that makes SATIN CROWNS, satin lined hats and hair bands!

  4. So true! Cool, I'll need to check her out, because I'm in the mood to shop. O.o LOL Heading over to your site. Thanks for stopping through sis!

  5. Currently, I can truly appreciate satin caps and pillowcases after the cotton ones dried my hair out. Thank you Sis for this great information and blog! :)

  6. Hey sis! Thank you for your continuous support! I'm sorry that I'm just seeing your post. Funny thing though. I love cotton; it feels so comfy to sleep on, but the difference between it and the satin and how they treat my hair? DAY & NIGHT! LOL

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