Monday, September 26, 2016

Easy Faux Loc Tutorial. Brand NEW Method to Create Crochet Goddess Locs w/ NO Cornrows.

The fall season makes me excited to rock my beloved CovaGirls™, and other protective natural hairstyles.  A girl gets no rest from all of the ideas swirling in her head.  "What style should I wear next, and for how long?", I ask myself.  Of course I seldom have a concrete answer, but that's beside the point. LOL

To help me decide...NO, to further agonize myself with more options, I head over to old trusty YouTube.  Apparently it's a game I like play with myself; we'll call it "Torture"-- I win and lose everytime.

Anyway, this time, I stumbled a cool video tutorial that teaches us a super easy method for acheiving faux locs without cornrowing!  Not only do I need, want and live for all things easy, but I'm cornrow-challenged, so yeah, I am beside myself with joy right now!

This method has me pondering other easy DIY protective style ideas, and yes, you'll be the second to know about them, as they come to mind.

In the meantime check out this tutorial.

Leave a comment, and tell me what you think.  When you try it, what color will you choose for your look?

Thanks for reading & watching!


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