Wednesday, February 1, 2017

African Head Wrap: Crochet Head Wraps by Eyeseye Creations

Crochet Head Wraps handmade by Zeynabu-Le'Von of Eyeseye Creations are a unique option to wrap your hair, or modify your existing wrap look.  They're great for modesty, are colorful, and offer lots of versatility to your exotic, modest, or boho glam wardrobe.  Choose from lots of colors and styles, at Eyeseye Creations on Etsy!

Look 1:  The Urban Turban - Handmade by EyesEye Creations
Look 2:  The Urban Turban - Handmade by EyesEye Creations
One of several head wrap styles, the Urban Turban by Eyeseye Creations can be worn in multiple ways.  This wrap is a perfect protective style option for short to long locs, twists, braids, and Afros.  Select, and custom order your wraps and other accessories (where noted) to fit your goddess look!  Instructional videos are also available, on Youtube, to show us how to rock the available head wrap styles.  

Look 3:  The Urban Turban - Handmade by EyesEye Creations
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Look 1 w/Crochet Flower:  The Urban Turban - Handmade by EyesEye Creations

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  1. These are very nice thank you for sharing them .

    1. Thank you! If you end up getting one, let me know how you love it! xoxo

  2. Put some buttons for tbese facemask every one has to wear these days. These are GORGEOUS!!