Friday, August 18, 2017

The Best Multi-Functional Hair Accessories for Natural Hair

I believe it's a myth that having type 4 natural hair is a lot of work, and is hard to deal with.  Is it different than caring for straighter textures?  Yes.  Is maintaining type 4 hair more difficult?  It doesn't have to be.  It's just a matter of learning what your natural hair loves, how to manipulate it, and how to take care of it.

Having great multi-functional styling accessories can also add to the ease of maintaining your afro-textured tresses.  Below, I share the best multi-use hair accents that provide convenience, loads of style and care options for your natural hair!

The PuffCuff seems to be one of the best inventions in recent natural hair history.

The benefits of this simple yet super useful natural and curly hair clip are:

- Easy to use
- Takes the place of elastic hair ties
- Can create a multitude of hairstyles
- Easy on your edges
- Very durable
- Can sleep in them
- Does not tangle in your hair after long wear
- Can create buns EASILY without the use of hairpins
- Multi-functional: Pineapple for bedtime, and style during the day
- Convenient

Banana Clips have been one of my favs since 9th grade! Who would have thought this 1980's hair styling tool wouldn't be played out by now?

Here' why I still love my banana clips:

- Super inexpensive
- Can give the illusion of a long, cascading ponytail (gorgeous for loose twist/braid outs)
- Can be used to create elegant and unique up dos for special occasions
- Can buy them practically anywhere

Satin Scarves I'm sure are in every naturalista's arsenal these days!  They're the no brainer of this group, for so many reasons.

I keep several silk and satin scarves on hand for the following reasons:

- Available in tons of colors and patterns
- Can be purchased from almost anywhere
- Inexpensive
- Multi-functional: Pineapple at bedtime, use as a headband/head wrap, create a satin pillow top for sleeping, wear it as a belt, bracelet, or a traditional scarf.  Or, wear it as a halter top!
- Convenient

Infinity Head Wraps made their way into the natural hair scene within the last 4 to 5 years.

How do I love these; let me count the ways:

- Can be worn in multiple wrap styles
- Are available in so many colors and patterns
- Lightweight
- Really cute when wrapped around braids, locs, and twists
- Multi-functional: "Stove-pipe the wash & go at bedtime, use as a head-wrap/headband, layer around your neck in cooler months, and much more.
- Inexpensive when purchased in multiples

What are your best multi-use items that you use to care for your natural hair?


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