Thursday, January 23, 2020

5-Minute Hair Style for the Lazy or Busy Naturalisa!

My hair has been put away and protected for MONTHS, so I've been enjoying an array of headwraps, and CovaGirls™ (if you're new here, that's what I call my wigs) while I decide that I want to do next.  I always enjoyed the exotical (yes, I know that's probably not a word, but I love it) way braids and twists made me feel, so I featured those looks all of last spring, summer, and fall.  

This winter, I stumbled upon a Sista-owned brand, Darcel's Tresses, that hand-makes various styles of  CovaGirls™ , and of course I picked up a braided one.

You know I'm always going to hook you up with the quick & simple, fun & versatile!  Check out my first impressions (video) on my latest CovaGirl™, that I picked up from 
Darcel's Tresses!

Thanks for reading and watching!


Below I included some braid sheen spray options, and a scalp oil that may come in handy during protective styling.

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