Monday, December 28, 2015

Knotless Crochet (Latch Hook) Braids w Cuban Twist

Crochet braids is a quick and easy way to install hair enhancements to achieve a variety of fashionable protective hairstyles.  In my town, (back in the 90s) they were called "Latch Hook Extensions", because a latch hook needle is used to achieve them.  By the way, back then, the look was atrocious, and your girl absolutely did NOT rock it! 

As always, with time comes evolution.  Latch Hook Extensions were re-named Crochet Braids, and coincidentally we have a plethora of protective style options at our fingertips...No pun intended.

Some argue that added weight and friction caused by the extensions could mean that Crochet Braids is not the best way to protect your hair.  Well, mine responds wonderfully with this method.  For me, the key is to keep my scalp clean, and to moisturize my own tresses as often as needed.  It's always best to experiment and test the waters to see what your hair loves the most.

Watch this video to see how I achieved my knotless crochet braids.  I warn you though; my cornrow game needs work, but I got the job done!

What's your favorite go to Crochet Braid style?  Leave it in the comments!

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