Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Minority Report_TV w/Pastor Jamal Bryant #BuyBlack Kwanzaa Event

Habari gani people!?

Kwanzaa is everyday, but today we bring light to Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), which is the 4th principle.   Let's continue to build and maintain our own stores, and businesses to profit from them together. 

That's LaShelle A. Smith's, of Minority Report TV Show, goal and vision.  It is her passion to support, encourage, and spotlight black owned businesses.  

I'm truly proud of what she represents and am honored that she's one of my I Am Noir TV sisters!  Check out LaShelle's amazing interview with Pastor Jamal Bryant as they talk to us about the #BuyBlack Kwanzaa Event!

To learn more about Kwanzaa, the meanings of the 7 principles, and how to illuminate them, visit the Official Website of Kwanzaa.


  1. Glad you featured this post. Dope.

    1. Thanks, sis! I hope you're enjoying your Kwanzaa festivities!