Saturday, January 23, 2016

Equal Box Braid CovaGirl™ GiveAway!


I was at the beauty supply, minding my business, when suddenly our "eyes" met.

Finally, a braided unit that was not too long, with just the right amount of texture, and low sheen!  When I asked the clerk "How much is this unit?", she said, "Eighty-fih dollas"....  {blink blink}  Obviously, I was interrupting her meal.  O.o   

I digress.

.... Brand name (Equal Box Braid Lace Front) and other specs committed to memory, I high-tailed it to the house, popped open the laptop, and blow me down!  There she was...30 bucks!  Booyaah.  Did I NEED another box braid CovaGirl™?  Naw, but I couldn't let the deal slide, and for the price I had to also get a 2nd one for an illustrious member of my Afro squad!   

I'm a firm believer of protective styling as a tool to help retain length, especially during the cooler months.  Wearing CovaGirls™ is one of my favorite go to options during this time of year; your head is covered from the cold, and you can be stylish at the same time.  Functional beauty -- yeah, that's how I roll.

You're probably curious about the details of this braided baby.  Well, I gotcha covered!   Click on this photo (where I thought I was weeerking my eye makeup -- a look I "borrowed" from YouTube of course) to view my quick show and tell: 

Well, what are you waiting for?  Get your giveaway participation on!

GiveAway Guidelines: 

One winner will be randomly drawn; the more entries you have = higher chances for you to win!

- Join the I Am RallyGirl Afro Squad (provide your email address in the upper left column)
- LIKE I Am RallyGirl on Facebook
- Tweet this post with #iamrallygirl & tag @iamrallygirl 

Completing the above is the minimum requirement and automatically earns you 2 entries.

BUT, if you want more chances to win, here's what:  

- 1 additional entry each time you Tweet this post (exactly as instructed above).  No minimum.  

- 2 extra entries if you follow @iamrallygirl on Instagram (holla at ya girl!).

- 3 extra entries for each friend you invite to LIKE I Am RallyGirl on Facebook

(NOTE:  They have to LIKE the page & let us know you sent them)

Giveaway expires on 2/6/16.  Winner will be announced on YouTube, and on I Am RallyGirl on Facebook that following week. Stay tuned and good luck!

Equal Box Braid Lace Front: 
 Equal Box Braid Lace Front

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