Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The "Cold Witch" - An Easy DIY Scalp-Cleansing Solution

Admittedly, I don't like to wash installed braids and twists.  It makes my hair look like I've been outside playing kickball, hide and go seek, and inny bounce all day, in the hot summer sun, stopping only long enough to eat a popsicle, because HEY, you can't ignore the popsicle man when he comes to your neighborhood!  

...take a breath...Now digress....

One primary rule to retaining length is to keep your scalp clean, so after rummaging through my beauty stash, I came up with my own scalp-cleansing solution -- the 
"Cold Witch" cocktail, featuring witch hazel and cold pressed caster oil.

Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that's great for toning, healing, removing excess oil, brightening and eliminating itchy skin, (the list goes on).  In fact, when I was growing up, Dad would apply this home remedy to help heal my bumps and bruises; it was he who suggested I use it as a summer time "lotion".  Witch hazel has been a part of my daily skin care regimen for the last 20 years!

Cold pressed Caster Oil is said to be beneficial and is used for tons of home remedies and skin problems, like acne, dry skin, and stretch marks (just to name a few).  Because of its anti-bacterial, fungal infection-fighting, cleansing, and moisturizing properties, this is the only oil I deliberately apply to my scalp.  Cold pressed caster oil has also been a part of my hair/skin beauty arsenal ever since I can remember. 

The recipe:

2 Parts Witch Hazel
1 Part Cold Pressed Caster Oil
1 Small spray bottle
1 Piece of cotton jersey (t-shirt fabric)

Mix ingredients in spray bottle and shake well.  

I spray the cocktail on the jersey fabric, and gently rub it through each part.  I like to use white jersey so that I can see the dirt transfer from my scalp to the fabric -- TMI?  Oh, my bad.  

Happy cleansing! 

Before using any products or mixtures be sure to do your research.   


  1. Thanks for sharing your cleanser. Never thought of using witch hazel like that

    1. Hey, sis! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I always have to have it on hand; my favorite beauty "secret".