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Grow Natural Hair, Retain Length: 6 Co-Wash Must Haves that Pack in Moisture

Laying a solid foundation, helps me get through to the next wash day even when I'm off schedule.  I have 6 holy grail products/ingredients, I use when co-washing, that are sure to make my hair (Honey Puff) moisture rich!

1. Water:  Is the key to breaking down those natural, type 4 strands, making them pliable and ready to accept all the love you are about to give them!

2. Tresemme Naturals:  Is one of the go to conditioners I use as a cleanser for co-washing.  It's silicone free and contains Aloe & Avocado.   Honey Puff says, Yum!  **UPDATE:  The Tresemme Naturals that I used is no longer available, and from I'm finding is not being sold anymore.  What is this world coming to?!  Anywho, I'm in search of a replacement; I think I have a few in mind.  I'll return with any updates. 9/21/16

Shower Water

3. Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration:  Has been my favorite finishing conditioner for the last 4 years, (I sometimes cleanse with it too).  My type 4 hair also loves it when I leave in a little after co-washing.  This is the first conditioner that made a noticeable difference in the softness of my hair, even days later!

4. Aztec Secret Clay Mask:  Is a new, and the #2 contender in my arsenal (H2O is #1). It detoxifies, and delivers ultimate moisture that gives Honey Puff a bounce, swing, and fluff that I never knew could be achieved.  AMAZING results!  (Note:  I've used this twice in a row before, but generally, people use it more sporadically, like once every one or two months, etc.).

6 Co-Wash Moisture Must Haves

5. Aloe Vera:  Comes in at a very close 2nd, to the clay mask.  My little "secret" for getting my medium porosity hair to behave.  Aloe vera  is a humectant that draws moisture.  Aloe also closes the cuticle shaft, making the strands smoother, which reduces frizz, and increases the shine.  I cocktail pure aloe vera gel (or juice) with a water based leave-in, and spritz it on after co-washing.  I also use the spritz, each day, before applying a little oil, which helps keep my strands pillow soft.  Any product with aloe is alright with Honey Puff!

6. Oil:  An oil rinse immediately after the co-wash, is perfect for locking in moisture.  This is done by applying oil to a section of the hair, then allowing water to flow over that section for a few seconds.  For good measure, I also apply a little oil after spritzing the aloe vera mix.  Avocado and olive oils are my favorite to use for the rinse.  Since olive is generally the cheapest, I tend to use it the most.

Pure Aloe Vera
Avocado & Olive Oils are known to penetrate hair follicles

Keeping natural, type 4 hair moisturized is one of the most important factors in retaining length.  Even if I am off schedule with co-washing, I still apply some type of moisture everyday.

Because they are the oldest, and often the driest part of the strand, your ends need extra TLC so they don't break off.  Remember the goal here is to get that hang time.  Countless people skip this step, then wonder why they don't see results, or go on believing their hair doesn't grow.  Unless there are hormonal issues, or a scalp disorder, your has the potential to reach it's ultimate length.  So, I'm gonna need  you to come through on the moisture.

Thanks for reading, and as Gramma used to say, Mo' Hair!


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