Monday, May 9, 2016

Hair Straightener Brush on Natural Hair - Does it Work?

I'm always looking for quick, simple, and easy ways to style and care for my natural hair.  I've seen the hair straightening brushes, but assumed they wouldn't do the trick for type 4 naturals.  I was also a bit skiddish about using a brush, much less applying heat to my hair.

Nova Tec Hair Straightener, Storage Bag & Instruction Manual 

It's been a couple years since I flat ironed my hair, so I broke down and purchased this straightening brush, just so I could share my experience with my afro squad.

Click the image to watch the demo and see for yourself:

Here are a few specifications, directly from Amazon:

Nova Tec Hair Straightener

Nova Tec Hair Straightener

1.  The process only took 35 minutes.
2.  Easy to use.
3.  I was able to brush my edges without burning my face at 170°C.
4.  It did get my hair to the desired straight-ish texture, with the temperature at 170°C.
5.  Easy to store with the storage bag, and velcro strap on the cord.
6.  Digital temperature display.
7.  Rotatable cord

1.  Easy to change temperature while using.
2.  Instruction manual is a bit English challenged (the translation is a little off).

As always, thanks for watching and reading!


***Before using heat on your hair, always proceed with caution.  It's best to test product on a small piece of hair before using it on entire head.  Also, use a heat protectant.

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