Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kinky Kurl Out Habesha Bob - Finger Comber

Simply put, FingerComber units are Kinky Kurly, Kinky Coily natural hair wigs "made by naturals, for naturals".  Several years ago, when FingerComber.com first hit the natural hair scene, I purchased their original FingerComber unit, and to this day, it's still going strong!  

You know I love's me a good CovaGirl™, so I decided it was time to add another one of their protective styles to my collection.  This time, I chose the Kinky Kurl Out (HB) Habesha Bob unit.  The angular bob design is inspired by the bobbed cuts of the Habesha naturals in Etheopia, Somalia, and Eritrea.  There are  a few sweet and sassy style options one can achieve with this CovaGirl™!

Watch this video review for my first impressions:
Thanks for reading and watching!


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