Wednesday, March 14, 2018

African Head Wrap Style: How to African Head Wrap & Where to Buy Them!

Wearing head wraps is one of my favorite forms of self-expression.  One piece of fabric gives me so much versatility and style; I just allow my mood and the pretty pattern or the nice texture to dictate the flow of my wrap.


Head wrapping is relatively simple to do.   Just find the styles and gorgeous patterns that you adore and get started!  To learn how, click on the photo below, and  watch my playlist of African Head Wrap tutorials: 

You can find amazing head wrap fabrics from anywhere and without breaking the bank! 
Check out my video on where I get my head wraps:

Watch this SUPER EASY D.I.Y. thrifted head wrap video to learn more:

In the throwback video, below, I show you how I upcycled a skirt to make a D.I.Y. turban or hijab.

As you see, I get my wraps where ever, when ever.   The world is full of fantastic fabrics with beautiful colors, textures, and patterns.  You can also get head wraps from either of the website links below:

The Wrap Life
Grass Fields

Thanks for reading and watching!


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