Friday, January 18, 2019

4 - Minute Natural Hairstyle for Busy or "Lazy" Naturals

Natural hair can be super easy, fun and fierce, with little effort or maintenance.  Have fun playing with your hair to see what unique, and simple natural hairstyles you come up with!  You'll even notice that you get the most compliments on the styles that you created by mistake; more proof that natural hair is versatile, and can be super easy to style.

In this video, I demonstrate just that with this 4-minute, jazzy hairstyle that I quaffed with a couple twists and an infinity head wrap -- no styling tools needed!:

I love the infinity head wraps, because  you put them on in one step, and they come in an array of colors, and patterns to match any outfit or mood.  To amp up the style, I'll sometimes layer 2 or 3!  As you see, you can even wear this easy natural hairstyle for special occasions, spring, and summer; just remove the wrap, and add elegant, sparkly accessories, or pretty flowers!

♥ RallyGirl

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