Friday, February 15, 2019

Melanin HairCare First Impressions

So, my girl, Whitney " Naptural85 " White (okay, we're only friends in my head), FINALLY hit us with the launch of the Melanin HairCare product line that she and her sister worked to develop for 6 years!  Y'all, I don't even like pre-ordering books on Amazon, much less new products created by a new brand...MONTHS in advance, but girl, I pre-ordered without a second thought.  Somehow, I felt I had to be a part of this least that's what it feels like to me, and by the way,  #supportasista (shout out to Toni Daley; thanks, sis for starting THAT movement♥).  If not for the years of good and decency of Naptural85's brand, I would have more than likely shown up to this party a year later.  LOL

Anywho, I was eager to try the Twist-Elongating Style Cream, share my first impressions, AND host a non-sponsored Melanin HairCare GIVEAWAY.  Check it out, below, and join in (there's still time):  

I hope you joined the Giveaway.  Good Luck!

Thank you for reading and watching!