Saturday, June 1, 2019

Test, Change, & Enhance Your Curl Pattern

Green Beauty is our modern-day "the-science-of-natural hair" YouTube channel.  It's one of my faves, because it comprehensively peels back the layers of how our hair textures/types/patterns respond to various ingredients, chemicals, climates, and manipulation techniques.  The visually pleasing videos are filled with detailed information that focuses on educating the natural hair community on how to care for our unique hair type.  It's non-commercial, non-salesy; just authentic and factual.  

In the "How to TEST, CHANGE, and ENHANCE your CURL PATTERN" video, Green Beauty again displays the COMPLETE hair type chart, she created, and digs deep into why the old version is way too simple to explain and why we shouldn't have used it in the first place.  You'll see what I mean when you check out her video below:  

I believe it's been almost a decade since I've come across a channel that gives us such a wealth of information.  It's sort of reminiscent of  Classic YouTube, where it's actually meant to help versus sell; real and non-commercial.  The legendary Kimmaytube comes to mind when I tune into Green Beauty.  Kimmaytube drops some scientific pearls in her Hair Growth & Maintenance video, from 2010; here, you'll see that she's in her element giving us a visual on why natural hair loss can occur.

The evolution of hair loss.  Why We have different textures on our head| NATURAL HAIR  video by Green Beauty, gives us more insight on what makes us so diverse, and delves into factors about hair loss, the boat load of textures we have, and the WHY.  It can get pretty deep ya'll, but it's all good; in the end she does give us simple tips on how to strengthen natural hair strands.

The natural hair community is bombarded with tons of natural hair products.  Since I've been on the scene SO many have emerged, and it's overwhelming; especially you are transitioning, new to being natural, or are considering going natural.  The best thing to do is just take a beat, clear your mind, and learn more about your hair; what ingredients it responds to best, what it loves, what it dislikes, etc.  There are various things that factor in, so to keep it simple -- get you some snacks, relax, and do a little research by binge-watching these two YouTube channels for topics that you need help with most.  Later, follow that up with a little online reading.  Natural hair is fun and free, so whatever you do, just keep it light and enjoyable.

By the way, this article is not sponsored, but I love to #SUPPORTASISTA and must mention that both of these natural beauts have product lines.  Green Beauty's: and Kimmaytube's: .  But, again before you even go there, do your research to FIRST narrow down what your hair needs.  If after you've made that determination, and you believe that something within either of these lines will benefit your hair, then okay you can do what you do, but not before then.  - Love Auntie.

Happy learning and thank you for reading!


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