CovaGirls™ (Wigs)



1.  an artificial covering of hair for all or most of the head, of either synthetic or natural hair, worn to be stylish, adjust appearance, or to be even more attractive then one is already. 

Hair enhancement
Hair prosthesis

The days of a woman keeping her beauty secrets a secret have gone down the tubes.   I don't know if it's out of obligation or what, but it has become trendy to announce  (for no apparent reason) when you're wearing fake hair.  BUT I will leave THAT alone...well, for now.

I digress....

My Aunt Virginia used to refer to her hair enhancement as a "cover girl".  I thought, "What a dainty, feminine, and discrete way to refer to it.  During a time when she was losing her hair, because of her health, she still found a way to be pretty, not just in her appearance, but in how she spoke, and in the way she seems like she really felt on the inside.
That was inspiring and also rimenscent of the femininity that accompanies keeping your beauty secrets secret. 

So, paying homage to Aunt Virginia, a wig is NOT a wig, it's a CovaGirl™.  UNLESS you're wearing it like it's a coon skinned cap, perched a top your head, and cocked to the side.  If you're doing that, then we'll pull the shades down on you and keep that private.  S'all I'm sayin'.

I enjoy changing my hairstyles a lot, which can be too much, for the hair, when trying to retain its length.  So, I periodically wear CovaGirls™ to rotate with other protective styles.  

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